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First View

Still need to make up your mind? Stuttgart at a glance? All you need to know in a day.


Welcome to town! You want a concise overview of your new city in order to make quick decisions about where it’s best to live! We can help you feel more confident about your new surroundings with the right information and lots of insider’s tips.

Our First View Package contains:

  • A tour of Stuttgart and its immediate suburbs (upon request) along with a guided walk through the downtown shopping and pedestrian zone
  • Information about the housing market, with an opportunity to visit a number of residential areas &relevant apartments or houses (First View+)
  • An overview of the Public Transportation System
  • Introduction to Shopping Malls, Boutiques and Fresh Produce Markets
  • Important details concerning the School System, including a visit to selected schools or Kindergartens (for ages 3-6)
  • Information concerning cultural, sports and recreational activities
  • Facts about the Health Care System and recommended insurance policies
  • A detailed “Leave Behind” summarizing all of the above information

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